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  Wappen des Komitats Zips (Szepes) um 1910

Beginning about 1260 A.D., German settlers responded to the call of the Hungarian King Bela IV's recruiters. This invitation to migrate East came shortly after the end of the Mongolian invasions in that area. The emigrating Germans were mostly miners, artisans and merchants and settled in the Zips (Slovak: Spiš, Hungarian: Szepes), a region which is now part of Slovakia. Since these migrants came from .. more »

Dialects are sub-forms of a language. The term dialect is of Greek origin (διαλέγομαι, dialegomai) and means 'talk to each other'. .. more »


The disappearance of dialects is one of the current topics of linguists. Dialects are tied to people, they are an excellent indicator of regional identity and culture. A decreasing number of dialect speakers is resulting in the dying of the dialect and the loss of culture. .. more »


On this website, you will find now a weekly language example of the Mantakisch dialect. You are invited to listen to this weekly example. Of course, you can also hear other.
This unique Mantakisch dialect will be spoken in the Unterzips by fewer and fewer people. Compare this dialect with known and try to classify it in the diversity of German dialects .. more »
Your Text

Once you have mastered this dialect, then you are welcome to join us on this website with your own text and voice samples on various topics. .. more »

The Mantakisch dialect is an interesting field not only in linguistics. The dialect and its native speakers in the Zips region are experiencing particular interest from various media in recent years. .. more »

Dialect Riddle

Do you understand the German dialect spoken in the region Unterzips, the dialect of Mantaks? Here you can check it. Try the dialect riddle and compare your result with other .. more »
What is New?

The intention of this website is to provide information on Mantakisch dialect in connection with history, culture and literature of the Zips region. These are the latest releases:

04.01.2020: Google Maps replaced with OpenStreetMaps [Link]
08.10.2018: Google Maps adapted to the new regulations [Link]
02.11.2017: Error fixed, calling the media in the tab Media , left side, works again [Link]
20.11.2016: Song of blacksmith [Link]

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